The links and information provided on this page are for estimating and tracking freight. This is in no way a comprehensive list of the options available. You may arrange to use any carrier you would like and we would be happy to ship collect or 3rd party on your account.

Please call or email us if you have questions


We will also be happy to ship collect or 3rd party on your account.
For small package:
Wooster Products ships material by FedEx or UPS small package when possible.
Maximum weight is about 100 lbs per package.
Maximum length for stair treads or nosings is about 8’0″
Check rates for small package shipments here:

For larger shipments:
Some of our carriers include the following:

Con-Way (CCX) – now know as XPO Logistics

XPO Logistics (new rate tool)

FedEx Freight

ABF (ArcBest) is also a preferred carrier but you will have to call Wooster Products office to get a rate (800-321-4936) 

Shipping classes are:
Cast products
Alumogrit® – Class 60
Ferrogrit® – Class 50
Extruded products
Flexmaster® – Class 85
Spectra® – Class 85
Stairmaster® – Class 85
Supergrit® – Class 85
Tape and coatings
Flex-Tred® – Class 55
Safe Stride® – Acrylic – Class 50
Safe Stride® (Oil base) – Class 55
Walk-A-Sured® – Class 60
WP-70® – Class 60


If you know your Carrier, Tracking number or Pro Number:
XPO Logistics

If you do now know carrier, tracking or pro number please contact our sales department.